Actun Tunichil Muknal

Actun Tunichil Muknal, easier referred for its acronym A.T.M., is known as the cave of the Stone Sepulcher and is located in the Tapir National Reserve, some 12 miles, 19 kilometers, off the George Price Highway.Welcome to Xibalba, gateway to the Mayan Underworld, believed by the Mayas to be filled with evil gods, diseases and spirits of dead ancestors.Get ready to get wet as to access this Mayan sacred site, you will start off with a short swim across a river followed by approximately 40 minutes hike in the scenic cool tropical rainforest to get to the huge hourglass shaped entrance of the cave. To access the cave, you will have to swim another 5 meters in the beautiful turquoise waters of the pool formed at its entrance. From this point on you will be traversing through the stream that runs through the cave with depths from just covering your toes to about 2 meters. You will be amazed by the numerous striking geological formations, caused by carbonic solution, such as magnificent stalactites that hang from the cave’s ceiling like elegant stone chandeliers, fabulous stalagmites, pillars and flowstones. Ascending about 3 meters to the dry chambers is where the Mayas held their ceremonial rites. From this point forward you will have to remove your footwear and walk with ‘socks on’ only. Getting deeper in the cave you will encounter Mayan artifacts and pottery of numerous sizes scattered on the floor from almost intact to completely shattered. Human skeletal remains of sacrificial victims are also visible. The Mayas believed in human sacrifices and practiced them in order to please their gods, since these gods could be good or bad to them.

Tour Details:

  • Duration: Full Day
  • Participants: 2 person minimum
  • Price: $120 U.S. per person

What to bring: Comfortable clothes, preferably short pants and T-shirt, close toe foot-wear, Towel, a change of clothes and extra pair of socks
Tour Includes: Transportation, Entrance fee, Guided Tour, Saftey gear/Equipment, Lunch, Water, Soda.
Note: This is not recommended for participants with serious medical conditions, walking disabilities, back problems nor pregnant women.