Barton Creek

Come explore the remnants of the ancient and sacred Mayan underworld, Xibalba. Barton Creek cave is one of Belize’s most beautiful natural wonders, located approximately 45 minutes from San Ignacio, on an unpaved bumpy road. It is believed that this cave, like many others, was used by the ancient Mayan civilization as a burial site and ceremonial purposes including bloodletting rituals and human sacrifices.The cool and refreshing waters of Barton Creek flows through this underground massive cave, making canoes the only means of traversing and experiencing its wonders. While paddling through this ancient Mayan waterway, you will discover numerous stalactites, stalagmites, broken Mayan pottery and sacrificial remains.At the end of the tour you will have ample time to take a dip and swim in the cool and rejuvenating waters of Barton Creek.

Tour Details:

  • Duration: Half Day
  • Participants: 2 person minimum
  • Price: $85 U.S. per person

What to bring: Comfortable clothes, Bathing Suit, Comfortable Footware(water shoes), Mosquito Repellent, Camera, Towel, Change of Clothes
Tour Includes: Transportation, Entrance Fee, Tour Guided, Safety Gear, Lunch, Bottle Water, Soda.