One of the world's travel wonders, in the department of Peten, is located at approximately 2 hours drive from our Western border into Guatemala.It was a serendipitous discovery of the site by a 'Chiclero' or gum collector. Tikal was declared a national park in 1955 and a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1979. This National Park forms part of the Maya Biosphere Reserve created in 1990 in order to protect the dense forests that started to disappear at an alarming rate due to population pressures, illegal logging and slash-and-burn agricultural practices.This Mayan city grew into an important ceremonial, cultural and commercial centre over the centuries, becoming the greatest city of the Mayan world. Enormous trees still shroud Tikal's buildings which cluster in groups reached by wide causeways meandering through the tropical rainforest, home to a variety of birds like Toucans, parrots, Wild Turkeys and Howler Monkeys, Coatimundis and other fauna.The central part of the ancient city contains over 3,000 buildings that include temples, palaces,terraces, plazas and ball courts where the famous sport Pok-Ta-Pok was played.Temple I,Temple of the Grand Jaguar rising at 150 feet, and temple II, Temple of the Masks rising at 120 feet, loom like a pair of bookends on opposite sides of the Great Plaza, a vast expanse ringed by terraces, palaces and ball courts. The magnificent temple IV, Temple of the Double Headed Serpent, is the tallest structure rising over 210 feet above plaza level. The spectacular view from atop this elegant and ancient structure blows your mind giving way to your imagination of the once magical and massive Mayan dynasty.Don't hesitate and allow us to take you on a journey through time as we explor eand conquer the adventure of the massive and awesome Tikal National Park..

Tour Details:

  • Duration: Full day
  • Participants: 2 person minimum
  • Price: $150 U.S. per person

What to bring: Passport, Comfortable Clothes, Comfortable hiking Shoes, Sunscreen, Bug Spray, Camera, Pocket Money
Tour Includes: Departure tax, transportation, entrance fee, guided tour, lunch, water, soda.